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In most emergencies, the first thing to go (and last thing to come back) are the lights.

Light up your home, RV, dorm room, or tent for days or even weeks with a supply of Ready Hour 100-Hour Candles.

100 hours = A week or more of light

The secret to the Ready Hour Candle’s long life is a proprietary blend of paraffin and other liquids that maximize burn time to 100 hours.

That means, if the average day has 12 hours of darkness, each candle will last over eight days, burning all night! If you extinguish candles while you sleep (the recommended usage) that figure jumps to two to three weeks!

That’s a lot of light for one little candle, which also includes:

  • A shatterproof container
  • Replaceable cap for easy storage and transport
  • Clean-burning, odorless and smokeless
  • Adjustable wick for more light*
  • Light, safe, and sturdy plastic container
  • Tetradecane fuel won't break down over time
  • 3.5" Wide x 4 /4" Tall x 11" round
  • Not recommended to store this candle under 32 degrees
  • Made in the U.S.A


*Wick is made of cotton and is mercury free. Before each use, trim the wick to 1/4" before lighting the candle. 

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