Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder (1 pkg. w/ 3 packs)

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Easy Way To Stop Bleeding

Ready Hour Blood Clot Powder is a hemostatic powder that is a must-have in your emergency preparedness first-aid kit.

Sometime a bandage is not enough, your bleeding is intense and overwhelming at the time and Ready Hour Clot Powder can help until you can seek medical attention. 

  • Simple use: pour on wound and cover
  • Ability to achieve hemostasis (coagulation) and reduced blood loss compared to other treatments
  • Sterile, waterproof, easy-open packaging

1oz (28g) per small pouch. 1 pack of three is 3oz (84g) of powder.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: To control bleeding, pour contents onto wound and cover. Use additional product if necessary. See doctor immediately if needed.

INGREDIENTS: UV Sterilized Clinoptilolite Hemostatic Powder, Curcuma longa L (Turmeric)

This product has a 4 year shelf life and is made in the USA. 

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