Emergency Sleeping Bag by Ready Hour

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Sleep With Peace of Mind

The Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag is a staple in every preparedness plan for a reason. It gets the job done, with no fuss.

When you need to stay warm, you need the Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping Bag. It uses your body heat to keep you warm even in the coldest conditions.

Warmth Without Electricity: Heat-reflective material made from special metallic and polyester fabric.

Weatherproof: Waterproof and wind-resistant makes it perfect for sheltering or ground cover.

Sleeps Two Adults: it's the sleeping bag is the size of a twin-sized bed (90” x 39”)

Emergency Signal: Made from a metallic, shiny, highly visible sliver color lets it double as an emergency signal

When the cold bares its teeth, you need to have the Ready Hour Emergency Sleeping bag to keep you warm with just your body heat. You can even use it as a sleeping bag insert to give you that extra bit of warmth.

Be sure to get one for every member of the family.

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