Green Light Glow Sticks (4-pack)

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How to See in the Dark Without a Flashlight

“Better to light one Glow Stick than curse the darkness.”

When military and emergency personnel need a quick source of light that lasts for HOURS without batteries, they use GLOW STICKS.
These aren’t your children’s “toy” glow sticks, by the way.
Ready Hour Green Glow Sticks are made to rugged, “mil-spec” standards – so they’re long-lasting and reliable.
• Bright? They’ll light up even the darkest rooms for 10-12 HOURS.
• So Many Applications - Use them in multiple scenarios: Emergency signaling… camp lighting… team identification… you name it.
• See Clearly – The soft green glow won’t blind you – yet it enables you to see clearly and perform the task at hand.
• Backup Light Everywhere You Go – Keep this pack of Ready Hour Glow Sticks in your car… your bug-out bag… your camping gear… anywhere you’ll need quick emergency light.
• Small and Lightweight – They’re easy to carry in your pocket, and a convenient hook lets you use them hands-free!
• Lasts Two Years – With a shelf-life of up to two years, you can rely on these affordable Glow Sticks when you need them.
Grab a pack or two for each person in your group!

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