Compressed Disposable Hand Towels

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Forget Bulky Towels!

These Compressed Towels are Smaller than a Silver Dollar, But Expand to FULL SIZE When You Need Them.

Saving space is paramount when you’re packing your gear for camping or traveling.
That’s why these Compressed Towels from Ready Hour are a must.
They start as three-quarter-inch tablets but immediately expand to FULL SIZE when you moisten them.
You get 12 individually wrapped disposable towels, which are useful for a variety of tasks:
• First-Aid
• Clean up
• Cooling your head and body
• Fire-starter tinder
• Camping TP
• Baby bibs or diapers
• And more!
Keep these anywhere you might need a towel in a pinch.

• Tablet size: 3/4"
• Expanded size: 9 1/2" x 10"
• 100% rayon
• Unscented
• Biodegradable & environmentally safe

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