Fishing & Hunting Kit by Ready Hour (127 pieces)

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Your Survival Skills Require the Right Gear

Introducing the Ready Hour

127-Piece Fishing and Hunting Kit

The Ready Hour Fishing and Hunting Kit is loaded with important supplies to help you survive in the wild.

Yes, food is plentiful in nature – but only when you know how to get it, and have the right tools.

That’s why we recommend this well-designed Fishing and Hunting Kit from Ready Hour.

It has virtually everything you’ll need – all in one compact kit – so you don’t have to think about what to pack!

Fits neatly in your go-bag – as well as your cargo pants pocket when you’re on the hunt.

You’ll have the confidence of knowing you’ll be able to eat every day when you use this kit.

Take a look at what you get:
• (1) yo-yo automatic fishing reel
• 100 yards of 8-lb test line
• 20 feet of 50-lb test line
• (2) 1.5-inch foam floats
• (25) reusable lead weights
• (30) premium bait holder hooks
• (4) jig heads
• (20) swivels
• (1) 6-foot nylon stringer
• (5) artificial lures
• (5) artificial grubs
• (5) salmon eggs
• (1) folding multi-tool
• (1) slingshot band
• (6) 3/8-inch slingshot ammo
• (4) 4-inch zip ties
• 20 feet of snare wire
• (6) screw eyes
• (2) L-screws
• (5) safety pins
• (1) razor blade
• 15 feet of #36 bank line
• (1) waterproof survival instruction sheet

Suggested Fishing and Hunting Kit Uses:
• Bring it on hiking and camping trips
• Keep one in your survivalist backpack for emergency situations
• Keep one in your home, camper, or RV

Made in the USA.

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