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Cut your way to safety with the Commando Saw by Ready Hour!

Ready Hour Commando Saw

You could be seeking shelter from the destruction of a natural disaster, preparing a place to camp, or limited on space in your emergency kit…

In any case, you’ll be better prepared with a compact and portable cutting tool.

This pocket-sized saw is loaded with lasting durability! Made from a trusty blade of stainless steel and a strong eight-strand design!

  • Cuts through Wood  Clears foliage, cuts branches for firewood, and more. NOT designed to cut down medium-to-large-sized trees.
  • Cuts through Materials of All Kinds – Plastic, rubber, soft metal, or bone, this saw can slice it.
  • Minimal Effort Required – Preserve your energy! Slip your hands through the nylon wrist straps for easy, low-pressure cutting.
  • Quality Construction – 22 inches of cutting wire made from stainless steel and a rugged eight-strand design.
  • Double Duty – Convert the Commando Saw into a snare! Hunt and trap your next meal without the heavy hunting equipment.
  • Safety First – Though it can fit perfectly in your pocket, you don’t need to worry about accidental cuts. This saw can only cut when friction is applied!

Clear an area for camping or cut materials for your survival with this pocket-sized saw. From brush and branches to metal and plastic, you can cut your way to safety!

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