Alexapure 5-Gallon Collapsible Water Container

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In an evacuation (or any grab-and-go emergency scenario), getting a hold of clean water isn't as simple as turning on the tap or running to the nearest big blue storage barrel. 

You need something you can move with-a container that’s easier to transfer than a case of bottled water but with more capacity than a portable filter.

Enter the Alexapure 5-Gallon Collapsible Water Tote. It’s the best vessel for grab-and-go disaster preparedness you’ll find anywhere. It features:

  • Collapsible design, making it easy to fit into tight spaces
  • Five-gallon capacity, with several days of water for one person and one day of water for up to five people*
  • BPA-free polyethylene plastic
  • Heavy-duty durability (don’t worry about punctures or dents) from one of the most trusted brands in emergency preparation
  • Pairs perfectly with a quality water filter

*Based on the recommended one gallon of water per person, per day. 

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