Aquamira S-IV Backcountry Replacement Filter


Safer, Cleaner Water Anywhere

Whether you are in a survival situation or just hiking, clean drinking water is essential.

The Aquamira Series makes it possible to enjoy cleaner, safer water anywhere you go.

With the Aquamira Series IV Backcountry Replacement Filter, you can enjoy safer drinking water anywhere, anytime—with even more filtration capabilities no matter where you find yourself.

Simply connect the Aquamira Series IV Backcountry Replacement Filter to any Aquamira Series IV system to stay hydrated.

  • Less than 1 oz. added weight
  • Connects to ANY Aquamira Series lV system
  • Made in the USA
  • 100 gallons of bacteria removal

100 Gallons of Bacteria Reduced

Water filtration devices are only as good as their filters.

Rest assured you will continue to target toxic contaminants by replacing the filter in your Aquamira Series IV system as needed (every 100 gallons). 

Stock up to ensure you have cleaner, safer water whenever you need it.

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