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Katadyn® Vario™ Microfilter™ Water Filtration System

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The Katadyn Vario Water Filter is a premium drinking water system that combines the benefits of easy operation, high water output, and extended cartridge life. The Vario™ is an all-conditions microfilter with field maintainable features that allow you to get your filter up and running again in a pinch. Its dual-piston technology provides maximum output with minimum effort. Another impressive feature is the ability to adjust the filter stages for varying water conditions.

Longer Life Mode - In murky water conditions, a ceramic disc can be engaged to strain water before it is filtered by the primary filter

Faster Flow Mode - In clear water, the Katadyn Vario water filter is easily adjustable to provide maximum water output.

The Vario™ also features carbon filtration to keep water tasting fresh by reducing chemicals and foul odors. The carbon media is replaceable without having to replace the entire filter cartridge.

Categories Katadyn® Vario™ Microfilter™ Water Filtration System
Brand Katadyn®
Filter Type Filters
Manual Katadyn Vario Water Filter Manual
Manual File wp_f350_katadyn_variousa_manual.pdf
Microns Filtered 0.3
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