• MRE Heater
  • Brand: MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)
  • Container Type: Pouch
  • Shelf Life: Up to 4-7 years*

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Heat your MRE pouches safely and quickly without fire. Great for use in situations where fire is prohibited or not recommended. Ideal for emergency preparedness, campers, hunters, and other outdoor recreation.

  • Weighs less than 1 oz, and are easy to store
  • Raises temperature of 8 oz. food pouch at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Uses no flame or electricity
  • Magnesium, iron and sodium composition - biodegradable
  • Non-Toxic, spent heaters dispose as household trash
  • Simple and easy to use
Approx. Weight 0.04 lbs
Shelf Life Up to 4-7 years*
Categories MRE Heater
Brand MRE (Meal Ready to Eat)
Container Type Pouch

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