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MRE Condiment Cheese Spread

MRE Condiment Cheese Spread

The MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) Condiment Cheese Spread is an MRE item that will add a delicious taste to your food storage, along with needed vitamins A and C. If you think cheese makes everything bette..
MRE Heater

MRE Heater

Heat your MRE pouches safely and quickly without fire. Great for use in situations where fire is prohibited or not recommended. Ideal for emergency preparedness, campers, hunters, and other outdo..
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Why MRE Meals?

MRE meals are a great staple to have in your emergency plan. MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) packages are filled with vitamins and nutrients necessary to sustain you through a crisis. Developed to provide sustenance for military personnel, MRE meals are a convenient way to stockpile food for emergencies. They are cost-effective and easy to transport if you have to be on the move. To save even more, stock up on MRE meals for sale by buying in bulk, such as our One-Week or Half-Month MRE supply options.

Not only do you get high quality meals, you also get options. Choose from a great selection of main entrées, sides, desserts, and snacks which taste delicious and provide you with plenty of variety. MRE meal choices include selections like Italian bread sticks, fried rice, chili macaroni, spice cake, and even chocolate chip cookies and delicious drink mixes. All MREs are packaged with long-term storage in mind. Durable wrapping ensures packages will travel well and retain their long shelf life.

Never wonder where to buy MRE meals again. offers the best selection of MRE choices to fulfill your emergency food supply needs. During any emergency, you’ll enjoy no-hassle dinners, sides, and snacks. Most MRE packets can be enjoyed directly without additional preparation. With our variety of food options, you’ll have no problem stocking up on choices to keep the whole family satisfied and well-fed during any emergency.

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