Economic Preparedness

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Meet the McReadys

Mac and May McReady have had their share of financial difficulties. Luckily, their prep-oriented attitude has kept them going through some pretty tight spots.

The Early Years

The McReadys got married in college. Money was scarce, but May's parents helped out by giving them a starter emergency food supply. The meals were quick, nutritious, and helped save precious dollars for tuition.

Economic Downturn

Years passed, Mac found a good job, and the McReady family grew. They decided to spend a little each month on building a year supply of food and water storage, just in case.

It’s a good thing they did. The Recession hit and Mac lost his job. Fortunately, their food supply kept the McReadys full until Mac found more work.

In Tough Times

When May got sick, the medical bills started to take their toll on the bank account. The McReadys once again turned to their food storage. The meals were quick and easy to prepare, and they tasted pretty good too.

Outlast the Test of Time

Mac and May are older now, and the kids are out of the house. But they still rotate their food and water storage, and even send some cans of food to their children.

These days, the biggest concern for the McReadys is keeping out of the freeze-dried raspberries. But if something worse were to happen, Mac and May know that eating well would be the least of their worries.

Grow Your Own Supply

You can build a food and water supply to see you through stormy times, and it’s not as difficult (or expensive) as you might think!

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