Emergencies don’t just take a toll on your physical belongings; they can also hurt you or your loved ones’ physical and mental health. Fortunately, just as there are ways to counter the lingering effects of a hurricane, your health can also be strengthened so as to be able to take on the next emergency that comes your way.

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Just like you would build up your supplies and prepare your home for emergencies, start now to take control of your health. After all, the healthier you are now, the more able you will be during an emergency. Starting may sound difficult, but you don’t have to go out and run a marathon today. In fact, there are only a few basic things to keep in mind: Exercise, diet, sleep, and avoid stress.

Running Outside


If it’s been a while since you’ve exercised, start off by taking a short walk around your neighborhood. From there, go for a jog. Once your body is used to being more active, go for longer runs. For long term success, find a sport you enjoy or a friend to exercise with. Making a commitment to others will help you form a routine. Being active is a great way to improve your heart’s health, and be in better shape to deal with the issues that come from emergencies.

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Maintaining a proper diet is also essential for good health. Eat plenty of raw foods, as they have higher nutrients levels than cooked food. Our freeze-dried food retains 97% of its original nutrients, as compared to nearly half that in dehydrated foods. Eating healthy foods will also help prevent all kinds of illnesses. And, during an emergency, a healthy body is just what you need.

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Life is busy, and sometimes sleep can take a back seat. Don’t let it. Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep increases the risk of some serious health problems. While it may be difficult, make time to get the shut eye your body needs.

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Stress is a part of life. Difficult situations at work or elsewhere can really take its toll on you. But you can fight it, to the benefit of your health. Some methods to fight off stress include breathing deeply, meditation, and visiting (preferably face-to-face) with friends and loved ones. Whatever method helps you, go for it.

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Maintaining good health is especially important during the winter months as cold weather often brings the illnesses such as the cold and flu. Enhance your health and the health of those you love by following nine steps to a healthier body this winter.

Each of these steps requires just a little effort and nominal expense, yet together they yield enormous benefits in health, happiness and peace of mind.