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It's a FIRST: Outdoor Convection Baking Powered by Biomass!

From backyard barbeques to emergency events, you need an outdoor oven you can count on.

Introducing the InstaFire Ember Oven! This self-powered oven lets you bake anywhere, whether you're indoors or out in the wilderness. That's because it's powered entirely by BIOMASS (like sticks, twigs & leaves) - meaning you DON'T have to stock up on traditional fuels to enjoy outdoor baking. It's a one-of-a-kind addition to your outdoor baking gear!

Here’s what camp chefs can’t get enough of:

  • No electricity needed. The Ember is completely self-powered!
  • Fueled by your finds from the trail. Toss in leaves, sticks, wood chips, or use products like canned heat.
  • Quality baking without an ordinary oven! Whip up evenly baked meals no matter where you are.
  • Super easy to use. If you can use your oven at home, you can use the Ember!
  • Designed to follow you anywhere. The Ember is light as a feather, compact, and a breeze to carry!


The Ember Oven is setting the preparedness world on fire because it lets you bake like a pro anywhere you go. It’s OUTDOOR convection baking—perfect for families preparing for emergencies or just enjoying the great outdoors!

Safely make a meal at home, at your family’s favorite campsite, or completely off the grid.


The Ember can be fueled by nearly any flammable material you can find in your home, out in the backyard, or even along the trail:

  • Charcoal
  • InstaFire Fire Starter
  • Fuel tablets
  • Leaves
  • Pinecones
  • InstaFire Canned Heat+
  • Sticks
  • Wood chips

When using the Ember Oven outdoors, you can use any of these fire starters! But when using it indoors, stick to InstaFire Canned Heat+. It’s the safest option! (When burning biomass such as sticks and leaves in the Ember Oven, it will produce smoke.)


The Ember comes equipped with a one-of-a-kind convection system. Embrace evenly baked food every time—just like when you whip something up at home!

With patent-pending convection baking and easy-to-operate precision controls, you can create delicious dishes like beautifully baked breads, casseroles, cookies, and more. You no longer need an ordinary oven to enjoy whatever food you want anywhere you want!


Light as a feather, conveniently compact, and plenty easy to carry, the Ember is an agreeable travel companion.

Take it into the wilderness, your pay-by-the-day campsite, on the go in an emergency, or keep it close by while hunkered down indoors!

Make transport even easier with the Ember Oven Carrying Case! Designed with an adjustable shoulder strap and a rubber grip, this Carrying Case makes hauling your Ember Oven around super comfortable while protecting your oven from damage. PLUS, it includes extra space for your essential accessories. Carrying Case sold separately.


What makes the Ember Oven unlike any other oven? Here’s the science behind the success:


The Burn Box captures all the heat from your fire—even from the smallest flame. This makes your fire reach high temperatures fast! Plus, it protects your fire from the elements. Wind, rain, or snow, you can start a spark.


This special design increases oxygen flow in order to achieve temperatures as high as 550°F! It cleans easily, too. Instantly clear coal and ash from your oven with the quick turn of a knob.


This oven operates just like the one at home! Simply twist the knob to adjust the temperature. This precise control allows you to keep the temperature steady and make dishes of any difficulty—from quick and easy casseroles to complex cakes and pastries.


No more crispy, burned tops and gooey middles! The Ember bakes evenly on every side, distributing heat evenly throughout the oven chamber.


The Ember goes head-to-head with your oven at home—except it doesn’t need any electricity and it can be taken just about anywhere! This sophisticated heat functionality is just what you need in an emergency. It preheats quickly and bakes to convection perfection!



  • Oven Opening Dimensions: 5" Tall x 11" Wide
  • Convection (Oven) Chamber Dimensions: 5" Tall x 11 3/4" Wide x 8" Deep
  • Unit Weight: 17.5 lbs
  • Shipping Weight: 21.40 lbs


Do you sell pans for the Ember Oven?

We do not currently sell pans for the Ember Oven.

How long does it take the oven to get up to temperature?

It will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the Ember Oven to preheat to the desired temperature.

How do you control the temperature?

There are a few ways to help regulate the temperature of your Ember Oven.


Biomass Material
The type of biomass used will help determine how much heat is generated. For example, sticks and twigs will burn quickly and produce a lot of heat quickly. However, they also burn out quickly. Charcoal briquettes require more time to get up to temperature but will give a more steady and long-term heat.

Adjust Air-Control Knob
Simply twist the Air-Control Knob on the front of the oven to adjust the temperature. This knob opens and closes an Oxygen Intake Vent adjusting the amount of oxygen in the oven. Turn the knob right to let more oxygen into the oven and increase the temperature. Turn the knob left to reduce the oxygen in the oven and lower the temperature.

Open or Close the Rear Vent
The Rear Vent is another way to increase or reduce oxygen inside the Ember Oven. Open the Rear Vent to let in more oxygen and increase the temperature. Close the Rear Vent to reduce the oxygen and lower the temperature.


Cap One Can of Heat
To lower or maintain your desired temperature, use provided tools to snuff out the front can of canned heat and then cap.

Light a Can of Heat
If the temperature drops, you may need to relight the front can of canned heat for a little while to bring it back up to the desired temperature.

Remember this: an emergency doesn’t have to be a disaster!


Warning: For your safety, when baking indoors with your Ember Oven, we recommend ONLY USING INSTAFIRE CANNED HEAT+. Biomass fuels (twigs, leaves, InstaFire Fire Starter, wood chips, paper, charcoal, etc.) are for outdoor use only with the Ember Oven.

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