Traps, Snares & Primitive Weapons Playing Cards by Ready Hour

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Develop Your Emergency Hunting Skills

If you ever find yourself suddenly forced to live off the land, could you?

Now you have a little help. Discover how to make improvised traps, fishing lines, snares, and moreall while playing your favorite card games!

This new deck of Traps, Snares & Primitive Weapons Playing Cards by Ready Hour will teach you step-by-step methods for making traps, fishing lines, and hunting weapons in the wild.

Two birds, one stone!

Survival Isn't All Fun and Games

Do you know how to make a “trot line” to passively catch fish in a stream? What about a spring snare or fishing spears?

If not, these are just some of the many fascinating and practical skills you can pick up while playing your favorite game of cards!

This Vegas-quality deck of 52 playing cards teaches you how to catch your next meal. Apply dozens of lessons, tips, and techniques that will enhance your survival abilities!

Learning life-saving new skills while you’re having fun—what could be better? Pack up these playing cards with your other Emergency Essentials. These cards pay off!

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