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Emergency Essentials® Whole Egg Powder Large Can

Emergency Essentials® Whole Egg Powder Large Can

Emergency Essentials Whole Egg Powder is one of the most fundamental items to make your food storage versatile. With roughly 72 large eggs in each can, you will add a great source of protein to your s..
$29.99 $24.95

buy 12 or more 20 ea.

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Ground Beef (Cooked)

You eat beef because it's delicious, but there are so many more benefits aside from just the fantastic flavor. Our Beef Crumbles are a good source of protein, iron, and other nutrients. With so much p..

buy 6 or more 45 ea.

Emergency Essentials® Freeze-Dried Cauliflower Large Can

Keep cauliflower near the top of your healthy foods list. Cauliflower brings loads of healthy benefits to your meals and body, including aiding in digestion and memory, among other perks. Help your bo..

buy 12 or more 15 ea.

Emergency Essentials® Honey Crystals Large Can

These little grains of honey are the add-ins your food has been missing. Sprinkle these crystals in your hot or cold drinks for a little extra sweetness. Our Honey Crystals can also be used in marinad..

buy 12 or more 15 ea.
HydroHeat® Flameless Heat Cooker

HydroHeat® Flameless Heat Cooker

How do you cook without fire? The HydroHeat Flameless Heat Cooker is how we do it! By using only water and one of our Large Heat Packs, you can cook your freeze-dried and dehydrated food anywhere you ..
$39.99 $29.95

buy 12 or more 20 ea.

Emergency Essentials® Cherry Vanilla Granola

This crunchy granola with is laced with the vibrant flavors of cherry and vanilla, complete with a sprinkling of dehydrated cherries to enhance the flavors even more. Take this granola with you anywhe..

buy 12 or more 15 ea.

Emergency Essentials® Fruit Variety Pack

Get your pick of fresh, ripe fruit any time of year with these four freeze-dried fruits, packaged in accessible, individual pouches for easy eating. Save them for long-term storage, or open them up ri..

buy 2 or more 100 ea.

Augason Farms® Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup Mix

Vitamin A, fiber and iron are all essential nutrients that will prove beneficial, especially in times of emergency. You’ll find them all in this Hearty Vegetable Beef Soup Mix as well as rich, hearty ..

buy 12 or more 12 ea.

Augason Farms® Chicken Noodle Soup Super Can

Imagine a meal that gives more than just warmth and comfort. Our Chicken Noodle Soup Mix also offers delicious flavor and the health benefits of vitamin A and other essential nutrients. This mix is ex..

buy 12 or more 17 ea.

Augason Farms® Hard Red Wheat

Stock up on hard red wheat to add essential grains to your food storage. Whether cooked to make cereal, sprouted to add in salads or ground into flour for wheat bread, it’s adaptable to any diet. And ..

buy 4 or more 28 ea.

Augason Farms® Italian Pail

Would you believe that emergency food supplies can be stocked with tastes from around the world? It’s true. If you and your family enjoy Italian food on a regular basis there’s no doubt you’ll love it..

buy 4 or more 90 ea.

Augason Farms® 1-Year 1-Person Premium Emergency Shelter-in-Place Food Supply Kit with Garden Seeds

With 51 varieties of food and 138 total cans, this 1 year emergency food supply has everything you need to make meals that you would not expect from an emergency food supply. Would you believe you can..

buy 2 or more 1,800 ea.
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