6-Month Supply

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6-Month Supply

6-Month Food Supply

At BePrepared.com, we offer a variety of options for increasing your emergency food cache. A great way to build your emergency food supply is to invest in a pre-packed food kit, like the 6 month food supply pack we offer. You’ll get everything a person needs in nutritious, delicious foods.

Opt for our 6-month entrée supply pack to start off your emergency food rations, which includes 48 large cans of high-quality foods like lasagna, chicken stew, pasta primavera, and beef stroganoff. The pack includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner choices, with 21 different entrées for you to enjoy. These gourmet meals are super easy to make – just add hot water. You can take them anywhere on the go, as the packaging is lightweight and convenient.

We also offer a supply pack with 60 large cans of lunch and dinner entrées. You get the peace of mind of having enough food for yourself during an emergency, but you’ll also get to enjoy tasty meals, delicious fruits, and crunchy vegetables. Stock up on 6 month emergency food supply kits for the whole family and make sure everyone is protected for the long-term. Many of our food combos have a shelf life of 30 years or more. They are the perfect addition to your food stockpile and other emergency supplies.

Our 6-month supply food cans can also be conveniently carried in your backpack the next time you go hiking, camping, or kayaking. Take them with you on your next cross-country road trip - just in case. This generous supply kit contains exactly what you need to maintain your nutrition and calories for an entire 6 months.

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