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Mountain House® Breakfast Assortment Bucket (16 pouches)

Hello delicious! Wake up to steaming breakfast entrées with the convenience of just-add water preparation with the Mountain House® Breakfast Assortment Bucket. Give in to the temptation of these flavo..

Mountain House® Breakfast Skillet (1 Serving)

Hash browns, scrambled eggs mixed with pork sausage, peppers and onions for breakfast while backpacking? Yes please! One of our most popular breakfast items to bring along on the trail, or to put in t..
Emergency Essentials® 19 Serving Whole Egg Pouch

Emergency Essentials® 19 Serving Whole Egg Pouch

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* Eggs are an everyday staple, so make sure you have them on hand no matter what's going on around you. This pouch of whole egg powder ..
Emergency Essentials® 9 Serving Scrambled Egg Mix Pouch

Emergency Essentials® 9 Serving Scrambled Egg Mix Pouch

*PLEASE NOTE, THIS ITEM HAS A MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY REQUIREMENT* Our Scrambled Egg Mix is your go-to source for a quick, easy, and delicious breakfast. Simply add water and mix until smooth. Once re..
Emergency Essentials® Whole Egg Powder Large Can

Emergency Essentials® Whole Egg Powder Large Can

Emergency Essentials Whole Egg Powder is one of the most fundamental items to make your food storage versatile. With roughly 72 large eggs in each can, you will add a great source of protein to your s..

Emergency Essentials® Hash Brown Potatoes Large Can

Our delicious Emergency Essentials Hash brown Potatoes are dehydrated and packaged for long-term storage, so you can enjoy this favorite breakfast food now or in the years to come. A great addition to..

Emergency Essentials® Scrambled Egg Mix Large Can

/*$('.discount').html('Buy 3 Cans, Get 43% Off Each(That\'s $22.99 Per Can)');*/ .discount { font-size: 18px!important; line-height: 26px!important; font-weight: 600!important; } Scrambl..

Emergency Essentials® Quick Oats Large Can

Quick Oats are a popular, satisfying breakfast staple. High in fiber, these oats satisfy your morning hunger while providing you with important health benefits, such as helping to reduce cholesterol. ..

Emergency Essentials® Maple Pecan Dream Granola

If dreams have a flavor, this would be it. With a mix of maple and pecan in with the granola, this tasty treat will keep your spirits high while keeping you powered up. Take this Maple Pecan Dream Gra..

Mountain House® Classic Assortment (12 pouches)

Let your family eat comfortably when disaster strikes with these classic freeze-dried meals. The Mountain House® Classic Assortment offers the convenience of just-add-water meals and the delicious fl..

Emergency Essentials® Vanilla Macaroon Granola

Taste the tropics on the trail with Vanilla Macaroon Granola. A delicious blend of whole rolled outs, honey, almonds, and coconut, this granola will keep you energized as you hike, backpack, or camp. ..

Emergency Essentials® SuperPail™ Regular Rolled Oats - 24 lbs

Emergency Essentials SuperPail™ Regular Rolled Oats make an essential and versatile addition to any basic emergency food storage supply. Packaged for long-term storage, so you can enjoy this popular c..

Mountain House® Scrambled Eggs with Bacon (1.5 Servings)

This is way easier than packing in eggs on your next backpacking trip. Way easier to clean up too! All you need to make these tasty scrambled eggs with bacon is add hot water and in a few minutes you’..

Mountain House® Biscuits and Gravy (2 Servings)

Now you can have this classic comfort food anywhere your adventure takes you. Made with real buttermilk biscuit pieces and pork patty crumbles in a perfectly peppered gravy. This is the only biscuits ..

Mountain House® Breakfast Skillet (2 Servings)

Hash browns, scrambled eggs mixed with pork sausage, peppers and onions for breakfast while backpacking? Yes please! One of our most popular breakfast items to bring along on the trail, or to put in t..

Mountain House® Granola with Milk and Blueberries (2 Servings)

Perfect with hot or cold water, our Granola and Blueberries has fueled everyone from United States Special Forces to explorers on Antarctic expeditions, and everywhere in between. Made with crunchy gr..
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Long Shelf Life Cereals & Breakfast Food

Breakfast is an important part of a healthy diet. It's no different during an emergency. Cereals and Oatmeals store well and make great additions to any pantry.

Our cereals come mainly in buckets due to the volume and value they provide. Because buckets are stackable, they make it easier to keep your food storage organized.

Explore our long term cereal options for familiar family favorites!

There is no better food for camping than cereal. This true comfort food can fill your needs as a breakfast food and it also makes an excellent snack for every member of the family. At, we offer a variety of cereals and oatmeal to fill you up, conveniently packaged for an emergency situation or a recreational trip. These cereals offer a long shelf life and are the perfect choice for your next camping or backpacking adventure. Cereal is an easy backpacking food, enjoyed right out of the package or in a bowl of milk.

Choose from a variety of cereal and oatmeal flavors like Honey Toasted Oats, Granola with Milk and Blueberries, Frosted Fruit Rolls, and Sugar Frosted Flakes. These kid-friendly cereals will not only provide great nutrition for your family during times of adventure, they can also provide a feeling of normalcy during stressful situations. Cereals are available in smaller can sizes for individuals and our large SuperPail™ to sustain your entire household during an emergency.

Our selection of cereals, oatmeal, and granola are not only suitable for emergency situations or camping adventures. These cereals can be enjoyed at any time, even when on a budget in the college dorm. Our SuperPail™ packaging will ensure your college student won’t go hungry anytime soon.

In addition to our cereal products, we offer a variety of freeze-dried breakfast meals like the Breakfast Skillet. This emergency breakfast option features hash browns, eggs, onions, peppers, and pork sausage, providing you a gourmet-quality meal with a long shelf life. All you need to prepare a filling breakfast is boiling water. We also have a delicious Whole Grain Pancake Mix to satisfy healthy appetites.

Our selection of freeze-dried and dehydrated breakfasts and cereals are conveniently packaged to make transportation easy. Many of our cereals can be purchased in bulk, like our Family Breakfast Pack which contains breakfast favorites including pancakes, hash browns, eggs, milk, and more.

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