Having a rogue Ice Queen as a sister is tough, especially when her powers turn the whole town into a winter wonderland right in the middle of summer. And although you may not experience unexpected snow storms that bring snowmen and giant ice creatures to life, it’s still important to be ready for severe weather and life-altering emergencies. Disney’s Frozen can, surprisingly, help you prepare and teach your kids some basic preparedness principles. So in honor of last week’s DVD release of Frozen, we’ve come up with 5 prepper-style lessons you can learn from Elsa and Anna’s journey: 1. If your town gets caught in a perpetual winter, the royal palace may not be handing out supplies. In an emergency, make sure you and your family are ready to attend to your specific needs. Store [warmth items], build a [food storage supply], and make sure you have a [stove] to boil water in. Update your [emergency kit] seasonally so you can be prepared for any type of weather that comes your way 2. Don’t marry a food storage company you just met. There’s a lot of hype out there from new food storage companies claiming a 25+ year shelf life on their products. Do your research. Emergency Essentials has been around for more than 25 years. Our products have been tried and tested. Just check out this [video] of the company’s founder and several employees eating a 23-year-old Beef Stew MRE! Then, check out our [Shelf Life] article to see why our products last so long. 3. If you’re asked to evacuate your home, be ready to “Let it Go.” Even though your home may be one of the safest places you can be in an emergency, there are situations where you may have to evacuate. If this were the case, would you be ready? Do you have emergency kits for all the members of your family? And is your kit stored in a place you can easily grab it and go? 4. If you want to build a snowman, don’t forget your first aid basics. We all know what happens if you stay outside in the cold too long—you can’t feel your fingers and toes! But if you’re in the cold too long without things to keep you warm like hand and body warmers, you could put yourself at risk for frostbite or hypothermia. If you had to survive in the cold, would you know how to protect yourself from frostbite and hypothermia? Check out our article, [First Aid for Frost Bite and Hypothermia] to save your life and your limbs! 5. Only an act of true love can heal a frozen heart. Once you are prepared, help others by sharing your knowledge and experience. Check out our [Insight articles] that discuss various ways and items you’ll need to plan and prepare for emergencies. And don’t hesitate to share our downloadable and printable [emergency kit checklist], [food storage menus], and tips for preparing in an urban setting with your family, friends, and neighbors. These are just five preparedness lessons can learn from Frozen. If you own the movie, try to see if you can Replace more. It may surprise you how many parallels you can Replace. Also go and evaluate your own survival skills by reading our post, “The Hunger Games Survival Skills Self Evaluation.” -Angela and Joel What other types of preparedness tips have you learned unexpected sources?

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