Hunting season is upon us, which, in my neck of the woods, means absent husbands and full freezers (elk casserole, anybody?). But before that husband of mine goes missing for the fall, I thought I’d have him do a little window shopping at Emergency Essentials and make a list of his most coveted hunting gear. Check these out for the hunter in your house, or treat yourself to an early Christmas present before you bag the big one. 1. Dawn and dusk are when the game is afoot. Make those chilly mornings and brisk evenings bearable with a hot drink from your Kelly Kettle

Kelly Kettle combo - Stainless Steel

2. Clean water is a must in any outdoor scenario—or, as my hunter-husband so delicately puts it, “diarrhea sucks.” Because boiling water out on the trail isn’t always feasible, he prefers a carry-along water filter, like the Katadyn Vario Microfilter Water Filtration System, which is both lightweight and straightforward to use.

Katadyn Vario Water Filter from Emergency Essentials

3. Handy for gathering firewood on snowy nights, or as a back-up bone saw for gutting, the Deluxe Folding Saw is the kind of tool you can never have too many of.

Deluxe Folding Saw

4. Some strong, multi-purpose paracord has a hundred uses for the hunter, not the least of which is having to drag shot game through brush, up a hill, or behind a four-wheeler (don’t ask…long story). Make sure you know your knots!


5. If you’ve ever been caught tracking an animal into the night, a headlamp, like the Princeton Tec Byte LED Headlamp is invaluable. Replace your way safely through the brush, while keeping your hands free for the shot.

Princeton Tec Byte Headlamp

6. This last one is a no-brainer. Even the hardest-core hunter will want to keep his cell phone, GPS, and two-way radio charged while he’s battling nature. You know, in case of emergency…or to upload triumphant Facebook pictures…or to browse Pinterest in his downtime. The Solar 4-in-1 Plus Battery Charger can charge both external batteries and electronic devices, and comes with all the cables and adapters you need.

Solar 4-in-1 Plus Battery Charger

And don't forget trusty Mountain House for great food with nothing more than hot water required on your part. Anything else you’ve found crucial in your recent outings? --Stacey

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Alice D. Cintron

Alice D. Cintron

This is a great source of list of hunting gear essentials. It is really important to get be prepared when hunting to make sure you are safe. Safety should always be kept in mind at all times and what better way to achieve safety is to be properly geared.

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