Are You Ready ? Are you ready? Have you already prepared for the storms, floods, fires, or earthquakes that may be coming your way? And what about the personal set-backs that strike closer to home; are you ready for a job loss, an injury, or an illness that could shake your ability to take care of your family? The future can be a scary thing, unless you’re ready for the hardships it can bring. Being “crisis-ready” brings peace of mind in good times while making the tough times easier. With emergency kits packed and ready to go, an ample food supply in store, and evacuation plans made, even the aftermath of a disaster will include good meals, shelter, warmth, light, and security…everything you need to be safe and happy with your family. And if your catastrophe is more personal, like a lay-off, divorce, or long-term illness, you can still Replace comfort knowing all will be well while you ride out the storm. So, are you ready for whatever comes your way? We are, and we’re standing by, ready to help you.

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