Baby Steps: Recipes, Stress Relief, Go-Bag Hike

We’re back today with another handful of Baby Steps you can complete quickly.

Only have a few minutes to spare? Just do one. Got a little more time to devote to your prepping efforts? Do two or three.

You’ll be surprised how quickly these little steps add up.

new recipe

1. Learn a new recipe using your food storage items

Maybe you have never cooked with food storage—this could be a good practice for you! Or if you cook with your food storage regularly, try to come up with a new combination of ingredients that will add variety to your food storage meal options.


2. Add some simple stress-relieving items to your emergency kits

The addition of a few stress-relievers into an emergency kit can make a big difference in a crisis situation.

A handful of hard candies can help to take the edge off during an emergency.

Games to play, something to draw or color with, or some music to listen to can help a difficult or scary situation seem more normal, especially for children. (But not just children—put something in there for yourself, too!) 


3. Go hiking with your emergency kit

Taking a hike with your kit—or a backpack that weighs as much as your kit—will show you how far you could go if you had to evacuate on foot and carry your pack.

So if you’re headed out on a hike (or even a long walk) this weekend, take that kit with you and see how it goes! You may find there are some items you need that you hadn’t thought of.

I’m definitely going to do #2 this weekend—I’ve got a sketchbook and some pencils I can put in my emergency kit. And I’ll probably do #3, also. There’s a trail I’ve been meaning to hike for a while now, and there’s no time like the present, right?

What about you, readers? What baby steps will you complete this weekend?

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I have a luggage dolly in the car and at home. They are collapseable and don't take up much room. They cost about $20.00. Even kids can use these! You can use small boxes, bungee cords or even an old suit case. Take some weight off of your back as long as possible!



Great ideas. I'm using Father's Day to help my parents with their preps too. Puzzles, find a word books, cards, dominos, and other games are a great idea. Thanks and have a blessed day



I will be researching solar cooker recipes this weekend. Also I'll be adding a much needed deck of cards and small notebook and a couple pens to my kit.



Crossword puzzles for me, and a fully charged ipod for the kids.



For several decades I have kept a journal in my "kit". Whenever there has been a time of hurricanes, snow storms, etc. I have looked at the last posting in the journal. Sometimes, it is a brief posting or a long set of entries covering several weeks. I look back at these entries and learn a bit about myself and my family. How we handled the situation, how are roles changed, and how we grew from previous 'emergencies' always impresses me. We can learn from past mistakes.



Cool beans, I just added some dice, yahtzee scorecards & a couple decks of cards to my preps. I plan on adding a few puzzles and board games too, to help ease the lack of outside stimulation.

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