One of the greatest causes of anxiety when it comes to food storage preparedness is how to turn those various cans of food into tasty meals. You may lower this anxiety through further education, advice from others, recipe experiments and freeze-dried meals. Wait—did he just say freeze-dried meals? Yes, I did. Situations can arise which call for a quick and easy meal that doesn’t require a recipe or long cook times. This type of situation would be perfect for using a freeze-dried entrée. I should mention that they are a delicious way to go, too. As you incorporate these types of meals into your supply, consider the Mountain House™ brand as a trusted solution. This brand has over 30 years of experience with helping preppers, survivalists, and outdoorsmen with an easy solution for stored food. How easy is it, really? All it takes is measuring cups, hot water (sometimes cold), a can of Mountain House™ food, and enough patience to wait 5-10 minutes. I can turn the kitchen into a disaster zone in no time, but even I can’t mess up a freeze-dried meal. When we say easy to use, we really mean it.
Each can has clear instructions on how to prepare the entrée inside. They even include instructions on how to prepare an entire can if you are feeding a large group. Making a freeze-dried meal takes roughly 5 steps:
  1. Shake the can to mix the settled contents.
  2. Boil a specified amount of water (sometimes it may call for cold water).
  3. Add a specified amount of the can contents to your water.
  4. Stir everything together.
  5. Wait for 5-10 minutes and eat.
Try it for yourself! I highly recommend buying and trying a Mountain House™ pouch, which is a smaller alternative to the can, to sample the varieties that interest you before buying cans or cases. This will also allow you to see how easy it is to make these foods—and to see how delicious they are, too. I hope this easy solution will help lower any anxieties you have about cooking in an emergency as you plan and build your own food storage supply. This is just one option you can incorporate into your food storage plans, along with MRE’s, dehydrated foods, and other food storage options. Have you tried these meals before? Let us know your favorite entrees in the comments below. --Rob

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