Hi, friends! Urban Girl here. Did you know that we have Freeze Dried Salmon available this month? It's on pre-order right now until about mid-month. Snatch up your cans before they sell out, because this fish is delish, and it's selling like crazy (crazy as in... we might sell out before the truck even arrives with the inventory)! We made salmon burgers last week in the test kitchen, and lemme tell you… they were healthy, flavorful, and satisfying. Take a look:

Salmon burgers

They look pretty good, right? Well, if you want to recreate them, here’s our recipe—I hope you enjoy it. Ingredients Directions
  1. Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl until combined. The ingredients should be fairly sticky and hold together into patties pretty well. If they crumble apart, add more whole egg mix and/or bread crumbs as needed.
  2. Form into patties. Be sure they’re not too thick unless you’re cooking them over low heat—you want them to cook all the way through before the outside is overcooked.
  3. Grill over medium heat on a gas/charcoal grill, or cook on a stove-top grill pan (do not use lid of grill pan—it will smash the patties too thin and they’ll turn out dry). You could also bake them or cook them on the stove top using a frying pan, but we love the added flavor from grilling.
  4. Cook on each side for 2-3 minutes, then check the center of the patty to be sure the fish is opaque and has cooked all the way through. Continue to cook if needed.
  5. Serve on a charred bun with a white sauce or (our preferred topping) a spoonful or two of reconstituted freeze-dried pineapple. You could also use fresh pineapple spears/rings and grill them before adding to your sandwich. Add any other toppings you prefer (like thinly sliced red onions; lettuce, spinach, or shredded cabbage; tomatoes; or a mango salsa).
If this recipe doesn't whet your appetite, I’m convinced you don’t like food at all—just writing this is making me hungry. These burgers are super tasty, you can take my word for it. Wait, no… don’t take my word for it. Get some freeze dried salmon for yourself and try these burgers—or make your own favorite fish-lover’s dish. Bon appétit! --Urban Girl (a.k.a., Sarah)

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