Here is a great, easy-to-make dish to put on your dinner menu for this week. Prep time is only about 10 minutes and it bakes in 20-25 minutes. Plus, it passes the kid test. Enjoy!


I always like to use a variety of cheese, so I used ½ cup of freeze-dried monterey jack and ½ cup of cheddar (the recipe calls for 1 cup of cheddar). ½ cup of freeze-dried onions will give you about a cup after rehydrating.

Add rehydrated ground beef and onions to pan. Sprinkle salt and cheese on top.

Mix milk, eggs and scone mix. Pour into pan.

Just out of the oven

No wonder it's called "Easy Cheeseburger Pie"


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Your Impact Matters

Your Impact Matters

This looks delicious! My 3 yo daughter saw the picture when I was reading, and said "ooh mommy, nummy pie!". I think this is going to be a new regular family meal for us. I was just looking into getting some long term storage beef, too. Thank you for the recipe, and for such a great blog!

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