We recently received this great customer tip (for Beef Ravioli and Wheat Snack Bread MRE's) and wanted to share it with everyone:

"I love this stuff (Beef Ravioli MRE). I once went on a 3 day hike through a part of the Appalachian Trail and packed enough MRE's to last the hike. The entrees were 2 of these (Beef Ravioli MRE's) and a Cheese Tortellini. Those were my dinners. Here's a suggestion: Take this Beef Ravioli, and take a Wheat Snack Bread. Break the snack bread up and mix it in to the ravioli (after the ravioli has been heated) and eat. I love it and have henceforth dubbed it as Backpacker's Delight."

-Carlos, New Jersey

Beef Ravioli and Wheat Snack Bread MRE's

Hiking the Appalachian Trail

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