Our customer service team received the following email from a customer in Massachusetts on Tuesday morning. Hearing stories like this—and helping give people the confidence she mentions—is exactly why we love helping people prepare.
It’s Tuesday morning and all is quiet here. We are fine as is my Emergency Essentials Bug-out Bag with the emergency medical items I need. It was simply amazing to have that bag arrive Friday in time to pack for [Hurricane] Sandy.
My grandchildren away at college have also tested their Emergency Essentials Bug-out Bags—as has my husband. Again, they are all warm, safe, etc. and they have what they need to weather not just safely, but appropriately and pretty comfortably.
Once again, just knowing they were “all set” was a tremendous peace of mind. They knew they were “set” as well, so they could sit back, catch up on study, sleep, etc. without worrying.
I do want you guys to know that all the emergency people who check on us look at how [my emergency kit] is packed, smile, and seem to derive great relief from just seeing the big red bag. It’s one more person they don’t have to worry about. Apparently most people don’t prepare in advance here, so we’re people they can cross off their list unless something really unusual happens. [emphasis added]
Emergency Essentials (R) 3-Day Emergency Kit
She mentions two specific points I think are important:
  1. Having emergency kits and the items customized to their needs gave her and her family the confidence they needed to face the storm—and allowed them to do so in relative comfort in their area.
  2. Having the items you need to support yourself in an emergency frees up emergency personnel to help those who are injured, separated from loved ones, or have other needs that require assistance from professionals.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those still being impacted by Sandy, and those who are starting recovery efforts in her wake.
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