In the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy, Google Crisis Map is a useful tool for Replaceing emergency shelters, information about power outages, FEMA disaster declared areas, traffic conditions, and more. The web page is a Google map with a search box in the upper left corner where you can search for a specific city or state.
To the right of the map are a series of check boxes that when checked reveal icons and other imagery on the map. For example, you can click on a pink dot icon on the map to get information on a local Red Cross shelter (see image above).
Having this and other information can help you, or someone you know in an affected area, get critical information.

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I want to thank you for an interesting and praiacctl blog. I am very interested in survival and self sufficiency from a woman’s point of view without having to read through a lot of politics and ranting. Thank you for the info you present in such a reasonable point of view.

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