Want to serve some of those great food storage recipes we’ve discussed, but worried about how to keep that food fresh longer? It’s time to discuss some great storage options!

Gamma Seal Lids
I know there are many of you out there who are hesitant about using your food storage. You’ve read the previous articles about trying out some new recipes, or learning to make bread, but that’s where you lose the nerve. You can’t seem to get the gumption to open that can of milk, or pry the lid off that bucket. You’re afraid that there will be no going back- that within a short time you will have lost the shelf life of your product, and as we can all agree, shelf life is a big deal in the world of food storage. If this sounds familiar, then this article is for you!

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Gamma seals are a good idea. I don't have any of my own yet. The idea seems to be sound.

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