Hurricane season starts in June and ends in November. While we are a few months from the end of hurricane season, Hurricane Earl (currently a category 4) is heading towards the East Coast, and FEMA reports that evacuations may be necessary. If you live in an area that could be potentially threatened by hurricanes, please prepare.

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Preparation is necessary in any emergency. In the case of natural disasters such as hurricanes, you not only need to be prepared for power and water outages, but you also need to be prepared to evacuate on short notice. Do you know where you would go if you needed to evacuate? Do you have items you can grab quickly? Are you prepared to stay the storm?

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Brian Cain

Brian Cain

Hopefully everyone will ride this storm out safe and sound. Being located in South Florida, we certainly are familiar with hurricane preparations. Here's a brief article on how to avoid data loss.;=90914



I have seen fema trying to let people know through twitter that they should be preparing for hurrican Earl! I hope others are letting people know about the need to be prepared. Thanks for sharing!

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