Food Storage from Young to Old

When we were young and living in apartments, space was always a consideration. We stored a lot of our long-term items under the bed because we figured we didn't need regular access to those. We also used our empty suitcases. This was a little inconvenient when a trip was planned, but the bother was well worth the peace of mind. Boxes or buckets were shoved under our clothing in the closet. Our nightstands were boxed cans covered with a tablecloth. We knew we needed to rotate our storage, so we built a shelf on sliders for our kitchen. The height between the shelves was perfect for #10 cans. This shelf was placed up against the refrigerator and easily slid out for access.

Instant Nonfat Dry Milk
Now we're empty nesters. We are fortunate to have a small room we can dedicate to storage. Since the revision in shelf life of beans, rice, powdered milk and other staples, we are not as concerned about rotation, because frankly, we probably won't live another 30 years. We primarily rotate our food storage by passing it on to younger members of our family or friends a few years before it expires. It is a win-win; they benefit financially, and we feel good about being wise stewards with the abundance the Lord has provided. Because of this new rotation system, we continue to add to our storage on a monthly basis. If we don't need it, it will be a very practical inheritance; if we do need it, we will have enough to share with new members or others who haven't had the time to build up their storage.

--Karen in California


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Julie Kieras

Julie Kieras

Wow, that is really great what you do now to "rotate" your storage. Also love the idea of using the suitcases b/c then you would've been ready to go if you had to move somewhere quickly. Nice post!

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