Don’t forget to store the cooking essentials you’ll need to help your food storage recipes pass the taste test!

Many of us create our daily recipes without considering all the little products that make the recipe look and taste its best. We don’t think about these items until we unexpectedly run out of them. I bet each of us can remember a time when we realized mid-recipe that we were out of baking powder, butter, or sugar. What starts as a simple recipe can end in a cooking catastrophe!

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We have fun taste testing- first tasting the dried fruit and veggies while still dehydrated and they go into a trail mix. Other times we will take plain potatoes, rice or pasta for a meal. Add a few of the new dried items and try for the meal. A taste test for example of the MRE entrees can be one package of Beef Stew heated and used over rice. We have turned one entree into a meal for three. Opens a lot of doors for storage too.

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