You can have electrical power anytime or anywhere with the Goal Ø™ Power Pack Combo. This combo includes the Power Hub Battery, Solar Panel, and 3 Watt LED Light. The power hub is very versatile and can be charged 3 different ways. It can also power a variety of items with its 3 output plugs. Great for use in the outdoors or in an emergency when power is needed most. Priced at $319.95 ($449.97 value).

GOALØ™ Power Pack Combo

Power Hub Battery
  • Powers electronic appliances and devices requiring 80 watts or less with the standard electrical outlet
  • Includes USB, AC and DC (12V) output ports
  • Holds approximately 150 watt hours
  • Includes fuses to protect from power surges
  • Digital Battery Power Display
3 ways to recharge:
  1. Home electrical outlet
  2. The Solar Panel
  3. DC adapter (sold separately)
Solar Panel
  • 13-watt Solar Panel that charges the Power Hub
  • Folds up for easy transporting
Light-A-Life 3 Watt LED Light
  • Approximately 50 hours of light from a fully charged battery hub

"These (Light-A-Life LED Lights) are great lights to have in an emergency. Because they are 12 volt and use 3 watts, they will run for a LONG time from a battery. I tried four of them daisy chained together from a Xantrex battery and they lit up my living room and kitchen. These lights are well built and have nice on/off switches as well as very long cords. Highly recommended. Get them while you can."

--KB, Utah


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emergency essentials

emergency essentials

That looks exactly like the type of solar device that I need. I'm looking for something that is portable.

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