What do fashion, design, and food storage have in common? Innovative furniture, that’s what!

Here’s an interesting idea from the Friday Project.* They’ve designed a food storage shelf based on the food pyramid. The shelf gives you more compartments for the foods you should be eating more of (like fruits and veggies) and less compartments, higher up for foods you should eat less of (like chocolate. Sigh.). While this shelf is not ideal for long-term food storage, the concept is still applicable. If you’re wondering how to organize your food storage pantry, consider creating a larger space for foods you’ll eat more of (like grains) and leaving a smaller space for items you’ll use less frequently (like oils). You may also consider putting the most frequently used items in areas that are most accessible. Of course weight will be a consideration; you wouldn’t want to put your SuperPails at eye level even if you do open them every day. It’s a pretty common-sense approach, so you’re probably already doing it. In fact, we’d love to hear how you organize your food storage. Send us pics and we might feature them in a follow-up post. Click to read more about The Friday Project Food Storage *Via materialicious.com and themag.it
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