Have you ever tried our shredded Freeze-Dried Mozzarella Cheese? It really does melt after it has been rehydrated! Having some on hand allows you to make dozens of your favorite meals straight from storage.

A few recent customers have left the following comments about this cheese:

"I was skeptical about this product so I ordered one can. I just can't do without cheese so I was very hopeful. I was amazed at how well the cheese rehydrated. It really does melt when heated! As long as you make sure you drain all the water out of it after rehydrating, it performs just like regular cheese. I liked it so much I bought three more cans!!!" --Carrie, Virginia

"I am completely amazed at this cheese! I rehydrated it and put it on my homemade pizza and was thrilled to see it melt just as if it was freshly grated. Supper yummy too!" --Brooki, California

"Just a quick note to tell you how much I love your Mozzarella Cheese. It melts, it browns, it's delicious. I've made several pizzas with the mozzarella cheese and LOVE IT!" --Christine, Idaho


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Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas

I have been a customer of yours for more years than I wish to tell, lol! I used to get up orders from your catalog for the specials of the month from many friends. I also have gotten great info from your employees. I love you guys and always feel your brand is to be well trusted. Thank-you for always putting on the product date as well as the number of years that it may be possible to store the items.

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