According to the Associated Press (updated May 11, 2010), "Violent storms that tore through the southern Plains killed five people and injured dozens more, leaving behind flattened homes, toppled semitrailers and downed power lines. Several tornadoes were reported in Oklahoma and Kansas on Monday as the storms moved through the area, dumping hail as big as baseballs and leaving tens of thousands of people without power."

It is always good to review your supplies and ask yourself: Am I prepared if a tornado hits my region? How about a flood, hurricane or other natural disaster? We recently published a post about Tornado Preparedness. Click here to Replace out how you can prepare yourself and loved ones for this type of natural disaster.

Here is an eye opening comment that was recently shared about tornadoes: "If you think a tornado won't hit your area, think again! About 10 years ago, while living in New Haven, Connecticut (not a place you'd expect to get a tornado), a severe thunderstorm came up. It got progressively worse. At one point the thunder sounded like a freight train. It was then that I remember someone telling me that this is the sound you hear as a tornado approaches. Sure enough, I looked out the window and you could see it. The tornado ran a path of about a mile long only 1/2 mile from where I was. It completely destroyed about a dozen houses and hundreds of trees."

These tragic experiences are valuable learning tools to help us prepare for the future by learning from the past.



Julie Kieras

Julie Kieras

I live in CT and actually we had ANOTHER tornado touch down in Wethersfield last year… destroyed a few houses – so you're right – you never can tell when you will need to be prepared!



I live in Oklahoma and have been in many violent storms and close encounters with tornadoes. You feel helpless against such force. I know several people who lost everything they owned last Monday. They did not lose their lives…thank the Lord. Have a plan. Know where to go or how to stay safe at home. I have never thought about it until this year, but if a huge tornado came through (like the May 3, 1999 tornado) my town, it would take down all of the power lines and water towers that we depend on. I don't know how long it would take to get everything back. This year, I am one step closer to being prepared. Each month, I am checking off things to buy and things to do. Thanks for your blog!

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