Yesterday we had an unexpected event at Emergency Essentials’ corporate office.

The power went out. Not one of those little blips where the power goes off for thirty seconds. The power went OUT—and we sent everyone home. A power pole nearby had caught on fire, interrupting service completely until the power company could address it.

It seemed like everything was under control—except for one major issue. One of our server computers was in the middle of updating, and there wasn’t enough backup battery power to keep it running long enough to get updates installed properly.

I’m no IT genius, but I asked our head IT guru what the consequences would be if a server died—and it involved taking the server elsewhere to get all the files downloaded onto a new server and re-installing the operating system so everyone in the office could get to their saved files.

Of course we have backup files saved, but since it’s better to keep the server to keep running, guess what we did? We got a Goal Zero®Yeti™ generator (which we ship fully charged—so luckily it was ready to go), and had all the backup power we needed to keep things running.

Have you thought about what you would do if your business was without power for an hour? Four? Twenty-four?

Take stock of what your needs would be, and start planning to meet those needs so you’re not caught unprepared.





I have a YETI and it is perfect to keep my fridge going when the power goes out. We also string up the Goal Zero lights and keep laptops and cellphones charged up.



Those Goal Zero guys are pretty awesome! Having power in any situation has saved my bacon countless times already!

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