Could a cockroach save your life? If these researchers have anything to do with it, then it absolutely could.

Could a cockroach save your life?

The researchers have found a way to direct a cockroach’s movement by sending wireless signals to its antennae with a tiny back-pack like device strapped to its back.
“The trick is to fire wireless signals at a roach’s antennae and other sensory organs to guide it to a desired destination. What we do is similar to riding a horse…They use their antenna as touch sensors, so stimulation on one side directs these insects towards the opposite direction.”[i]
-- Alper Bozkurt, Assistant Professor, NCSU’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
What does this have to do with you? Because cockroaches can fit into such small spaces, researchers believe that by controlling a roach’s movement, they can send them into compromised buildings and rubble after a disaster to Replace victims. So maybe it’s a good thing cockroaches are so… resilient. (Maybe.) --Urban Girl

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That will be fine until a quake person sees it crawling toward them, panics, and SMASH! :)

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