Hey all! Emergency Essentials got a mention on Twitter (thanks @AndyBenge!) that turned into a conversation on Goal Zero and their Solar Kits. You should know, right off the bat, that I’m in love with solar power. I think it’s the greatest concept in town and can’t wait for the technology to get to the level where it’s uber affordable and we’re all using it. Till then, there’s always Goal Zero (which is actually really well priced). I can’t get over how cool the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 is. It’s super portable which makes it great for camping trips, backpacking, and mobile outdoor photography. Here’s a Goal Zero video that says it all in less than a minute. Goal Zero Sherpa 50 -- Steph
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Sue Brittain

Sue Brittain

I bought a Goal Zero solar flashlight years ago. It is still going strong and I love it. I also have a solar powered battery charger. I can highly endorse these items. Any one step you can take to be self reliant will not only save money, but save the planet.

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