Holiday Gift Guide: $50 and Under

The holidays are just around the corner, but there’s still time to get a jump on your holiday shopping this year. Over the past two weeks we’ve given you gift ideas that’ll help your loved ones get prepared. You’ve seen options for gifts $10 and under and for gifts between $10 to $25. Here are some ideas for gifts between $25 and $50. My family is crazy into outdoor adventures—rock climbing, backpacking, skiing/snowboarding, canyoneering—all of it. We’re always looking for new gear that’ll make our trips more comfortable. Whether your loved ones are diehard adrenaline junkies or just love the outdoors, these gifts will bring a smile to their faces.
    1. Suisse Sport K-2 5° Sleeping Bag-- $49.99 This sleeping bag is perfect for three-season camping (fall, winter, and spring). The Suisse Sport bag features a durable outer shell, with an inner double layer quilting and insulation to provide maximum warmth. It also has a full chest battle and draft tube to keep your body heat from escaping. So if you enjoy winter camping, or hate being cold even in the crisp temperatures of spring and fall, this bag will keep you toasty warm.
    2. Holiday Gift Guide: Suisse Sport K-2 5° Sleeping Bag

    3. Castlepine™ Internal Frame Backpack (green)--$34.95 When you have to carry all your gear on your back (I’m thinking 50 milers, campouts, or other backpacking trips), it’s important to have a pack that’s strong enough to hold the weight you need, and durable enough to last as long as you do (and likely longer). This pack is great for backpacking trips or larger-scale emergency kits with its 3,200-cubic-inch capacity. Available in red and navy.
    4. Holiday Gift Guide: Castlepine™ Internal Frame Backpack (green)

    5. Gerber Gator Combo Axe II with Saw--$50.00 This combo is great because in one compact item, you get an axe and a saw. The Gerber Gator Axe II is longer than the original, giving you a stronger striking force. The handle is covered with the Gerber Gator texturing to give you a better grip, even in wet conditions. This is a gift that can be used in an emergency or in your regular outdoor adventures.
    6. Holiday Gift Guide: Gerber Gator Combo Axe II with Saw

    7. Katadyn MyBottle MicroFilter--$49.95 Having clean water is essential no matter where you are. The Katadyn MicroFilter is a great filter for on-the-go expeditions because you can filter water as you drink it. The microfilter removes bacteria and pathogenic cysts (such as Giardia and Cryptosporidim). This MicroFilter gives you clean, fresh-tasting water.
    8. Holiday Gift Guide: Katadyn MyBottle MicroFilter

    9. Twin Peaks Mountain Trails Tent--$49.99 This is another great gift to give outdoor enthusiasts. Tents can be complicated, intricate, and just plain user-UN-friendly. But this lightweight, easy-to-set-up tent provides a quick shelter for 3-4 people. On backpacking trips, a quick set-up is ideal for when it starts to downpour before you’ve had a chance to set up camp—or if you just want to get through setup and focus on the fun stuff.
    10. Holiday Gift Guide: Twin Peaks Mountain Trails Tent

    11. Goal Zero Rockout Speakers --$39.99 When we go climbing, my brother always brings along his phone and speakers to pump us up. These Rockout Speakers would be the ideal gift for him. They provide a great experience during outdoor adventures, playing your music while keeping your device nestled safely inside. These portable and lightweight speakers have an internal battery that prevents it from draining your device’s battery, so you don’t have to worry about your phone or other device dying so quickly.
    12. Holiday Gift Guide: Goal Zero Rockout Speakers

    13. Optimus Crux Lite Canister Stove--$39.95 This lightweight stove is ideal for when you’re on the move. Being able to eat well when outdoors is great; being able to eat well in an emergency is luxury. This high-quality stove is built to last whether your loved ones need it now for adventures, or to store for future emergencies. Within 3 minutes, this portable stove can boil 1 liter of water—that’s pretty quick!
    14. Holiday Gift Guide: Optimus Crux Lite Canister Stove

    15. MyChoice™ Hot Cocoa Combo (4 cans)--$25.95 My family loves to drink hot chocolate with our dinner when we’ve just gotten off the snowy slopes and need to warm up. This combo gives you four delicious flavors (French Vanilla, Mint Truffle, Milk Chocolate, and Raspberry) for one price. This gift is a great option for all of your loved ones—whether or not they’re outdoor enthusiasts. Hot chocolate just makes the evening complete when you cuddle up to watch a movie or read a book with the snow falling outside your window.
    16. Holiday Gift Guide: MyChoice™ Hot Cocoa Combo (4 cans)

    17. Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger--$49.99 This power pack is fantastic outdoors or in emergency uses. The Switch 8 can power smart phones, flashlights, GPS, tablets, laptops, or anything else that powers with a USB. It can be charged with a USB plug or a solar panel, and is no bigger than a fat marker. It’s simple to use for when you are canyoneering, skiing, or need to charge your device on the go.
    18. Holiday Gift Guide: Goal Zero® Switch 8 Recharger

    19. The Reliance Fold-n-Filter--$47.50 The Fold-n-Filter is water storage with built in water treatment. You can filter up to 200 gallons of water by simply squeezing the container to dispense the water you need to use. It even rolls up for storage and weighs in at just one pound. The filter is great to hang from a tree when camping, or to have on hand during an emergency. This is a great way to store clean, filtered water for you and your loved ones

    Holiday Gift Guide: The Reliance Fold-N-Filter

    So there you go—a few gift ideas costing between $25 and $50. Preparedness items (and the principle itself) are the gifts that just keep on giving. If these ideas don’t seem to be quite what you are looking for, check out for all of our products or our Pinterest gift boards for other great ideas. Happy shopping! -Kimberly
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