Oil and gas drilling are blamed for the pollution behind problems with drinking water

When we think about water storage, what we usually have in mind is a power outage that disrupts our utilities or a natural disaster that might contaminate a water source. Not to add to our worries, but the Associated Press (AP) recently published one more good reason—and a sneaky, unexpected one—to store clean drinking water. In the wake of the recent boom in the energy industry, several states are reporting problems with well water. They blame oil or gas drilling for the pollution. Details are still coming (read about the AP’s investigation here), but drinking straight from the tap is looking less and less appealing in certain parts of Pennsylvania, Texas, Ohio, and West Virginia. Whether your water comes from a local well or a city reservoir, it’s smart to prepare against the possibility of contamination. Read up on filtration and purification techniques and check out how to Replace the Right Water Filtration System for you, so even in the event of a problem at the source, you’re never without drinkable water. One of the big lessons of emergency preparation is that emergencies don’t always come in the form of sirens and a flashing red light. In fact, the best reason to be prepared is the problem we don’t see coming.

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.”

--Max Mayfield, Director of National Hurricane Center Photo Courtesy of Yahoo! News
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David Williams

David Williams

My Wife and I are not what you might consider ‘preppers’, but preparing for any natural emergencies is just common sense.

and ONE item that everyone needs day to day is water. Take that away and all the money , guns, and freeze-dried food in the world won’t mean a thing.

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