We are giving away one of our new Kelly Kettle Base Camp Combos this week. But what is the Kelly Kettle? How does it work? We set out this week to answer those questions in our series "The Kelly Kettle: How it Works". To enter the giveaway, Click Here.

To learn how to set up and light the kettle, see Kelly Kettle: How it Works.

Below is a tutorial on how to both cook and boil water at the same time with the Kelly Kettle.

Assemble the Pot Support, as shown.

Insert the Pot Support into the Chimney opening. If you have already lit the stove, be sure to use the supplied gripper-handle to avoid burns.

Light the stove, if you haven't already.

Place your Cook Set pot, with the food you wish to prepare in it, on the Pot Support.

While your water is boiling, your food will cook. Here we are reconstituting and cooking some

Mountain House Creamed Beef.

If the water in the Kettle boils before you are finished cooking, simply remove the Kettle, and insert the

2 Piece Grill. Be careful not to burn yourself.

Finish cooking your meal. Enjoy a nice hot beverage from the Kettle while you wait. Then use the Gripper-handle to remove your food from the fire, and enjoy.

So there you have it, folks. Boil water, cook food, everything you need to do in an emergency or while out camping. Do you have a Kelly Kettle yet? What kinds of things have you made with yours?


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I have a small Kelly Kettle that I like to take backpacking. It works fast and well when bioling water. It works with very little wood. I highly recommend the Kelly Kettle.

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