La Niña Could Brew Up a Very Active Hurricane Season - Be Prepared - Emergency Essentials
El Niño did a lot of damage this year. It stormed across California, broke heat records in Asia and killed crops, and may have even helped spread Zika virus. But now it’s gone. Dead. No more. [caption id="attachment_20682" align="alignright" width="300"]La Niña - via NOAA The La Niña effect - via NOAA[/caption] But just like any good story, the threat you thought posed the biggest problem was just the beginning. Following El Niño’s wake is his just as powerful sister, La Niña - the event in which the Pacific waters are cooled, as opposed to El Niño's heating of those same waters. OK, so may La Niña isn’t going to pose a huge threat. Actually, there will be some nice benefits, including a boost to the Southwest Monsoon over India, which will be a blessing after years of drought. La Niña could also very well reduce global temperatures, helping out with heat waves that have struck Asia and other locations. Sure, some good will come from La Niña, but there will also be some adverse effects. Since she has yet to come, we don’t know for certain what these effects will be. But we have some good ideas. According to CNN, La Niña will most likely bring about much drier conditions in the Southern Plains, the Rockies, and the Southwest. Lower temperatures and increased rainfall is expected in the Pacific Northwest and Ohio Valley. When it comes to the Atlantic Hurricane season, however, things could escalate. Experts expect to see 14 names storms in the Atlantic, four of which are expected to be major hurricanes. Compared to last year’s 11 named storms and just two major hurricanes, if this prediction is accurate, it will be a significant increase in powerful storms. If this ends up being the case (as only time will tell), then the best time to prepare is now—before any potential storm develops. Get your emergency gear together: power sources, light, warmth, food, water, first aid, and other gear you’ll need to weather whatever comes your way. And if a hurricane doesn’t visit your area? Then you’ll still be prepared for other unfortunate events that could come your way. Disaster_Blog_Banner - La Niña a Rafflecopter giveaway
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I love reading the articles. I have been a prepper for about two years and am constantly trying to improve my preps and skills.

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