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Left in the Dark?

Submitted by Emily from Missouri

We live in Kansas City - home of severe weather and the occasional tornado. A power outage is a common occurrence during the spring and summer months. My 3 boys (ages 2, 5, and 8) control their fear of the dark to varying degrees. I have concocted a plan to tackle their fears of the dark and eliminate the panic that ensues the moment that the power goes out.

Nearly every room in our home has a closet nearby. I chose to mount a coated wire shelf on the inside of each closet door, including the pantry and linen closets. I use the kind of shelf intended for organizing foil and plastic wrap. These are quite affordable and can be found at any local superstore. I then place flashlights in these handy wire baskets for easy access in case of a storm. When the power goes out, no matter where the boys are in the house, they can always Replace a closet and get to a flashlight quickly.

High Uinta Gear™ PathReplaceer™ 9-LED Flashlight

Don't forget to mount your shelves low enough so your kids can reach them! This will ensure that no one gets left in the dark.

We (Emergency Essentials) would recommend maybe adding a few other basic items to Emily's list that may be helpful: a lightstick, radio, some water, etc. These will help just in case you may be confined to the room for awhile. Thanks Emily for this great idea to help get us thinking and planning ahead!


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