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Vegetarian Beef Flavored Broth

Although there are so many options for vegetarians, some foods are not available at local restaurants. Especially in smaller cities and towns, I Replace my choices limited. A specific menu item that I love, but usually cannot Replace a vegetarian alternative are soups traditionally made with beef broth. I purchased Vegetarian Beef Flavored Broth and love it. Being a vegetarian for about 10 years now, I've found many creative ways to alter traditional "meat" recipes into tasty and healthy vegetarian recipes. Certain recipes like French onion soup, wonton soup and noodle dishes are easily converted into vegetarian entreés.

After trying and using the Vegetarian Beef Flavored Broth, I scooped small samples into zip lock bags for my friends and family to try in their own recipes. The bulk #10 size is so affordable, why not at least try it?

Vegetarian Beef and Chicken Flavored Broth

Submitted by Nancy from Virginia


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I'm a vegetarian too for more than 5 years , I've found many creative alternate ways to traditional "meat" recipes into delicious and healthy vegetarian recipes as well.

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