By Angie Sullivan Want a recipe for food storage success? Make sure your family gets to sample your food storage menu! Last week we discussed taking the time to research and gather important information for your food storage. I suggested you Replace food storage recipes, maybe even purchase some books on cooking with food storage. Now, I’m asking you to try a few of those recipes out! Think of it this way, if you were planning on trying out some new foods on your family, what would you do? You’d Replace the best recipes you could, and then you’d give them a try. Why should food storage be any different? Do you have buckets of beans and wheat, yet your family has never even eaten a meal with those items incorporated? Well, now is the time to put on your chef’s hat and get to work! Here are few simple suggestions on how you can begin to cook with your food storage: - Choose one night a week that you will incorporate a food storage item. Begin with something simple like soaking beans instead of using a canned chili bean. - Choose one family night a month where you will cook an entire meal from food storage! Get the whole family involved. - Go to your local library and check out recipe books, or go online for new recipes or even video’s on how to use your food storage. - If your family enjoys camping, use that as an opportunity to try out a few of those MRE’s you purchased, or a freeze-dried meal. - If you have never learned to make bread, schedule time with someone who can show you hands-on how to achieve a wonderful loaf of bread! - Get together with friends who are interested in food storage and plan a food storage potluck! That way, you get to try several different food storage dishes all at once without having to do it all yourself. Make sure you swap those recipes afterward! Now is the time to incorporate more food storage recipes into your family’s daily life. Who knows, perhaps you’ll Replace that making your own bread is a wonderful family activity, or that you make a mean three bean soup! Whatever your situation, or wherever you are in your food storage process, you can put some of your recipes into action! You will have peace of mind knowing that you can make a wonderful meal should hard times arise, and your family will appreciate the familiarity of recipes tried and true. So, get that apron on and try this recipe for success!
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