When the power goes out, we are essentially plunged back into the first century A.D. Preparing alternate sources of light for use during emergencies is a must. Light is especially vital in caring for children, the elderly, or those who may be ill, injured, or disabled.

One of the safest emergency lights available is the chemical lightstick. These small lights are normally activated by bending the stick, which sets off a chemical reaction inside that causes the unit to glow. Since there is no spark involved, these provide an added measure of safety when there is a chance of gas fumes being in the air. They usually last for 8 to 12 hours and are great for emergency kits.

8 to 12 hour lightsticks

Another form of emergency lighting is the candle. Candles are one of the most reliable sources of light - all you need is a match. One of the safest and longest-burning candles available is the 100-hour liquid paraffin candle. Liquid paraffin candles last much longer than wax candles. They are also smokeless, odorless, and have an indefinite shelf life.

100-Hour Plus Liquid Paraffin Emergency Candles
Here is what a recent customer had to say about the 100-Hour Plus Emergency Candles:
"I have these attractive little candles placed strategically around the house for emergency use, and they have served me well on numerous occasions when I have had an extended power outage. They give enough light to allow me to move around the house comfortably, and I have yet to use one up. I like them so well, and they are such a good bargain, that I distributed them to my kids for their emergency preparedness as well." -Pat, Washington

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Rob & Kendra

Rob & Kendra

These candles are awesome! We had to test the claim and after 5 days the candle was still burning. Enough light to read light a small room, no odors or smoke. We really suggest hving a stash of these for any type of situation or emergency.

Rob & Kendra

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