Emergency Essentials is holding another great sale, but it ends on March 21. All Mountain House #10 cans are 20% off. If you buy six or more of the same item, we’ll give you 25% off! To kick off our sale, here’s a featurette of a Mountain House product you may not have previously considered: Long Grain and Wild Rice Pilaf.

The Mountain House® Long Grain and Wild Rice Pilaf is a delicately seasoned blend of white, brown, and wild rice; mushrooms; broccoli; green beans; sweet red peppers; and parmesan cheese. First of all, who knew you could get gourmet sides into your food storage? Doesn’t it sound delicious? Secondly, this is great food storage option for vegetarians. And thirdly, considering that you’ll get approximately ten 1-cup servings per can for for $24.39 , I’d say that it’s a great deal. Here’s what one Emergency Essentials customer had to say: “Yummy! A friend recommended freeze dried food as the ER food that tastes the most "real." She was right. The long grain rice & wild rice pilaf is very good. I will know to keep it on hand for quick dinners at home.” – Terry, California
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This got rave reviews from hubby and a glfrriiend who came for dinner. I served it as a main dish along with a spinach salad (baby spinach, red onion, mandarin oranges, sprinkled Feta cheese, with balsamic vinaigrette). The only thing I did differently was to dry heat the already rinsed and dried quinoa for a few minutes — until there’s a pleasant nutty smell, which adds a nice flavor to it when cooked. Thanks!

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