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Hi, friends. For my prepping this month, I set aside $30 at the beginning of the month, and so far I’ve saved an additional $4.09. Adding that to the $9.08 I had left after my October purchases, I had $43.17 to work with this month (anything I save for the rest of November will go toward December purchases). Here’s my haul for the month—a lot of smaller purchases, but good’uns that I really needed to add to my supplies. 2 - Splinter Out 10-pack ($3.98 for both)

Pennies for Prepping: Splinter Out 10-pack

I got a splinter earlier this month, and it took me about 15 minutes to get the stinking thing out of my finger. I had a pair of tweezers, but they were still too bulky to be helpful. I wished 2 or 3 times during that process that I would have had a Splinter Out on hand. 1 - 11-function Survival Tool ($1.29)

Pennies for Prepping: 11-Function Survival Tool

How genius is this? 11 functions in one flat, credit-card-sized tool. I can slide it right into my wallet and always have it on hand. I’ll probably end up getting one for each of my emergency kits, but for now I’ll just get one for my everyday carry. Looking for a super-affordable holiday gift for your friends or coworkers? This is one that is functional, doesn’t take up a ton of space, and is easy to wrap (just slap a sticker-back bow or gift tag on it). 1 - Wool Blend Blanket ($11.49)

Pennies for Prepping: Wool Blend Blanket

I’ve been eyeing this wool blanket for a while now, and I finally snagged it this month. I’m going to drop it in the trunk of my car to go with the rest of my car emergency kit. Being stranded on the road in the winter won’t seem quite as bad with this puppy in my trunk (and the plethora of hand warmers I’ve got stashed in my car kit). 1 - P-38 Can Opener ($0.50)

Pennies for Prepping: P-38 Can Opener

I’m going to include the super-awesome crank-turn can opener in my emergency supplies, but for now I’m just going to grab this P-38 to stick in my emergency kit. I don’t have any canned foods in my bug-out bag—mostly MREs and Milennium bars—but it may be helpful if I Replace canned food (or in some other application). 1 - MyChoice BBQ Sauce Mix ($8.99)

Pennies for Prepping: MyChoice BBQ Sauce Mix

No explanation needed. It’s delicious. You should get some. (BBQ chicken, pork, or beef in an emergency? Yuuuuuuum.) 1 - #10 Can Apple Cinn. Pancake Mix ($9.99)

Pennies for Prepping: Large can Apple Cinnamon Pancake Mix

What is better than hot pancakes on a crisp morning while camping? Apple-cinnamon pancakes, that’s what! This tasty mix brings a fun flavor to your flapjacks, and all you need to do is add water and get the griddle going. 1 - Fox 40 Classic Whistle ($5.95)

Pennies for Prepping: Fox 40 Classic Whistle

Since I’m at the office as I type this, I’m trying to remember if I have a whistle in my emergency supplies. I don’t think I do, but even if this Fox 40 Classic Whistle ends up being a duplicate, there are so many applications for a whistle, I plan to have several anyway. This particular whistle is going in my purse so I can use it for personal safety or emergency situations I may encounter every day (can you tell I’m building up my everyday carry?). So, that’s what I bought with my to-date November savings. I can’t wait for next month, when I’ll not only show you my December purchases (I’m eyeing a few things, but haven’t made any final decisions), but I’ll provide a recap of how much money I spent over the whole year and what I was able to get with just my spare change and extra cash I was able to set aside each month. What items have caught your eye this month? Anything you’re saving up for? Let me know in the comments! --Urban Girl
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Great point. Having a ton of gear can only be so helpful if we don’t know how to use it!
—Urban Girl (Sarah)



Good post! There are a few things on that list that I still need to get. :)

Don’t forget part of preparedness is knowing how your equipment works and how to properly use it. It won’t do any good having that p-38 can opener and several cans of food if you can’t figure out how to actually get it to open the cans. :)

Looking forward to more posts!

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